Dans new bandit 1200 build !

So……… Winter is nearly here……bastard! I hate winter, especially as i ride all year round.

One good thing about winter although, is i spend almost all my free time in the garage building bikes, which is kool.

So…. Couple of months ago i decided to build a late 70s early 80s style club bike, with a few modern twists.

It has to be comfortable, carry all my luggage, handle ish…….., and most importantly for those who know me well, be fast!

There is only one motor for me that fits the bill, altho these weren’t about in their first form until the mid 80s.

Yep, a big oil cooled suzuki lump. Loadsa grunt, bullet proof and rapid……jazz club…………nice!


First load of bits collected, Ta Binz………. Nothing like a friend with a van!

Loads of horrible fabrication, that needs to see the grinder, but a good looking frame and half a donor bike with pretty much every bolt seized.

After a weeks work after the day job, the frames cleaned up, engine is in on a couple of mounts, rear wheel (vz800 suzuki) is in and the chain alignment is all good.


Next up is front end, a 10inch over HD narrow glide front end gives me that oldskool look I love so much, and ground clearance! i machined up some bearing housings to accept the HD setup.
21 inch front wheel
6 inch risers and 6 inch rise bars
Vrod clutch and brake master cylinders

Stuck a stretched frisco style tank on for another modern twist, and mainly because as kool as the old skool tanks are i need to hold a reasonable amount of fuel. Fast engines and small tanks are not fun ! Dont ask me how i know !

Finally for this update i made a start on a classic style sissy bar out of 16mm stainless round bar, nice and strong for luggage and the mrs to lean on.
It will compliment the shape of the really kool seat that drag specialities make, rear mudguard (don’t call it a fender!!!!!!!) is a chrome of the shelf item that i re profiled to follow the radius of the 15 inch suzuki wheel.